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Dairy Goats

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Junior Doe

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Kuhtz Dream HB Spring

S: Doe Lake LLL Hubba Bubba
     SS:  *B Lynnhaven Liaison's Legacy
             SSS:  ++*B GCH Kastdemur's MPR Liaison 91 EEE
             SSD:  SGCH Lynnhaven E Gwen 9*M
     SD:  CH My Buddy's DG Bubble Gum 91 EEEE
             SDS:  CH J-Nels SP Dad Gum It 88 VEV
             SDD:  CH J-Nels Holly Dure

D:  Kuhtz Dream Ace Curly Sue
      DS:  My Buddy's Way To Go Ace
              DSS:  ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service 90 EEEE
              DSD:  CH Lakeshore EXC Escapade
     DD: CH Kuhtz Dream King's Cutie
            DDS: *B Pella's Triple C King's Magic
            DDD: CH Kuhtz Dream Goodlookin Carli

2017 Show Wins:
8th Place Intermediate Kid ADGA Nationals
1st Place - Wisconsin State Fair


Randy & Andrea Kuhtz
Elkhorn, WI   53121