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Kuhtz Dream
Dairy Goats

Registered, Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats
Premier Nubian Breeder 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2022 & 2023 Wisconsin State Fair

Welcome to our website.  We are located just north of Elkhorn, Wisconsin between Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois.  We bought our first purebred Nubians in 2004.  Our family moved to our 3 acre hobby farm in 2003 returning to our farming roots.  We began our goat journey with mini Nubians but soon found we enjoyed the show world so moved Kuhtz Dream Dairy Goats, Elkhorn, Wisconsin up to purebred Nubians.

We try to keep a small herd with under 10 milkers so we usually have some real nice doe kids for sale.

We breed for a Nubian that is strong in breed character and general appearance, with long level rumps that have good feet and legs.  By doing this we tend to see consistent mammary systems that are high and wide in the rear and well attached with strong smooth fore udders.  As of now we are not on DHIR test but we do expect our does to milk well.  We like does who can produce offspring as good as themselves or better.  We try to buy bucks who will complement our does needs.

Our herd is fed a high quality alfalfa hay and are allowed to spend time out in the sunshine in their pasture.  The does are fed a pelleted 18% dairy goat feed.  They are offered free choice minerals and baking soda.  Our kids are raised on a CAE prevention program.  They are fed milk along with an 18% medicated pelleted feed and free choice hay.

SALE POLICY:  We like to keep a small herd so a lot of doelings will be for sale as well as some first fresheners.  If you are interested in a first freshener, please let us know and we will put you on a waiting list.  We require a $50 deposit to reserve a kid with the rest of the payment due within 2 weeks after the kids arrival.  We would like you to pick a first choice kid as well as a second choice with the possibility of your first choice not being born or not meeting our standards.  We will refund any orders that we cannot fill.  However we will not refund any deposits on orders that are cancelled.  We reserve the right to retain any kid for herd replacement.  Buyers are responsible for health papers, crate and costs to transport to Milwaukee or Madison Airport.  We prefer that you come pick up the kid in person so you can see the relatives, but we realize that is not always possible.

Please enjoy our website and if you have any questions let us know.  We always love to talk with others about goats!

We look forward to hearing from you,
Randy & Andrea Kuhtz
       Anna & Katie

Randy & Andrea Kuhtz
Elkhorn, WI   53121

Member of ADGA




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